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"I Want To Say I Love Her, And I Always Will."

“I want to say that I love her, and I always will. I’ll miss how she used to dance and sing."

What More Can We Do To Promote Children's Mental Wellness?

"There’s a lot more that can be done to support children’s mental health," says Dr. Robert Franks.

Gun Violence Survivors Share Their Stories

"Guns and gun violence were not an important issue to me before I was shot. You can say I was rudely awakened."

New Georgia Law Makes Many Residents Feel Unsafe

“I believe that [arming teachers] puts students more at risk. If there was ever a situation in which a teacher might be prompted to use a firearm, there is no guarantee for the proper use and the safety of the children," says sixth grade math teacher Kalie Aiken.

Gun Deaths Exceed Motor Vehicle Deaths In 14 States

Gun deaths are exceeding motor vehicle deaths in 14 states, according to an analysis by the Violence Policy Center.

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