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"If we decided that people were the most important thing, we could stop the cycle."

The Denver Post brings us an in-depth view into the lives of some of the many people struggling with mental illness in Colorado, a state ranking in the bottom half of per capita mental health spending. From debilitating depression, anxiety, to schizoaffective and bipolar disorder, and the lack of resources...

New Haven, CT to receive $4 million mental health grant

New Haven, Connecticut will receive a $4 million grant to implement mental health programs in the city. The program will include a new idea: The Stop and Shop on Whalley Avenue will host a counselor at the customer service counter 5 days a week. It's a neutral location to engage...

“You have to find them where they’re at and try to work with them to build their coping strategies."

Forty percent of trauma patients in Chicago screened positively for symptoms of PTSD. With shrinking resources due to budget cuts, the people of Chicago are unable to move forward from the gun violence that plagues their city.READ MORE here about the invisible scars of the gun violence epidemic.

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